jim wallace and the despicable tricks of abusers (and arrogant schmucks)

Yesterday, Anzac Day here in Australia, will be remembered as the day head of the Australian Christian Lobby, retired Brigadier Jim Wallace, made a complete ass of himself on Twitter.

New to Twitter, Wallace, apparently moved during a patriotic Anzacy sort of moment, dashed off the following tweet:

In case you can’t read it, I’ll copy the content here:

Just hope that as we remember Servicemen and women today we remember the Australia they fought for – wasn’t gay marriage and Islamic!

Oh, yes. That’s in excellent taste, Jim.

The furore that ensued as Wallace’s tweet subsequently whizzed around the twittersphere was impressive and, more than once, obscene. Jim had managed, as I said, to make himself look a total git.

Within minutes, Wallace had removed the tweet and was covering his arse with the RSL by posting the following:

My apologies this was the wrong context to raise these issues. ANZACs mean too much to me to demean this day.

I’m guessing you noticed Jim was ‘apologising’ for the timing of his comments, rather than the content.

Anyway, I’m not going to comment on the obvious fact that Wallace inadvertently revealed his actual racist, anti-gay agenda, or that he chose such an inappropriate day to do all that, or the staggering arrogance of his false apology. But I can’t let this pass without saying a word about Wallace’s appearance on Channel 7’s Sunrise program this morning – his attitude reminded me so much of that of the many abusers and bullies I have had the misfortune to encounter. Here’s the video:

When asked to justify his now-notorious tweet, Wallace responded first by saying that ‘to be maligned by Twitter activists is not the end of the world.’ He goes on to compare himself to olympic gold medalist Stephanie Rice whose one-time inappropriate tweet also caused her considerable humiliation. But at no point does Wallace take responsibility for posting what he now knows (if he didn’t before) was a dreadfully offensive statement to be making, nevermind making it in a public forum.

So…as someone who has close experience of the lasting effect of sexual abuse on children, I feel I need to make this statement:  I warn my kids about people like Jim Wallace in an effort to abuser-proof them. I tell them that bullies and abusers function by fooling us that it not the person who said or did something wrong who is at fault, but rather the poor sod who made an embarrassing fuss about it. I tell them that this is an evil lie.

Abusers harm us, and then slyly try to make us feel ashamed about saying we were harmed. They trick their victims into feeling bad that they spoke up rather than taking responsibility for their own abusive actions. The irony that no fuss would need to have been made had the abuser not acted inappropriately in the first place seems to evade them.

It’s this sort of self-preserving manipulation that makes molested children reluctant to disclose the terrible truth of the abuser’s actions for fear of spoiling everyone’s mood and bringing the wrath of the abuser down on their heads. Not that I’m suggesting Jim Wallace is a child molester, but the game is the same. And it should never go unchallenged.

Wallace had an opportunity this morning to acknowledge that his statements were racist and bigoted. He could have either repented and promised to mend his ways, or fessed up that that’s just who we are dealing with here (like we didn’t already know). His deflecting the blame for the furore from himself to the ‘kind of people’ who outed him is a despicably dishonest act.

So on behalf of all those of us who have had bullies and abusers try to smear our psyches with the shit of guilt that rightfully belongs elsewhere, I’m calling Wallace’s actions what they are. And now we know: He’s that kind of man.

10 thoughts on “jim wallace and the despicable tricks of abusers (and arrogant schmucks)

  1. weez says:

    Wallace isn’t just into distorting and prevaricating, he also digs an outright lie. In the Sunrise bit, Jimbo says he’d only been tweeting for ‘about a week.’

    In fact, Wallace’s first tweet was on 3 February 2010. 1 year, 2 months and 23 days ago.

    Mind, a 447 day week would come in handy for Jim as it might be useful in explaining how Methuselah lived 900 years.

    But don’t mind me, I’m one of those Twitter activists and Jim’s lies are usually our fault.

    What’s really frightening is the level of privileged access this lying con artist has in the Australian Federal government.

  2. Graeme Hanigan says:

    Jim Walace is a religious fascist who believes that he has a god given imperative to impose his narrow minded, bigoted world view on the rest of Australia.
    His manipulation of the Australian Government must be exposed and resisted at all cost as he is a prime example of how hideously evil, covert religious fanaticism can become.

    • Durro says:

      The Aussie soldiers fought for freedom from tyranny and oppression – like the sort that Jim would impose on Australia with his homophobic, intolerant views. Of course Australia is a very different place today – does Jim wish to return to a xenophobic white australia, where women don’t have the vote and aborigines can be killed on a whim ? Shall we bring back public flogging and hanging to return to the good old values our soldiers of days gone by allegedly fought for ? Australia has made progress socially and culturally while Jim is bogged down in Bronze Age ethics and morality due to his blinkered and outdated religious views. He should be ashamed.

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  7. Jim McDonald says:

    Well, no, Wallace wasn’t “New to Twitter”. That was an absolute bald-faced fabrication. What he said on Sunrise was he’d only been twittering seriously for a week. The record shows this deception for what it is: a lie: he has been tweeting “seriously” on Twitter since February 2010, running campaigns against gay marriage in particular and other matters such as child protection and attacking the Greens on spurious grounds. I had written to him earlier this year telling him that he was in the public eye and just can’t make things up [he’d been deliberately misrepresenting Greens’ policy on religion]. So retired Brigadier Wallace has a record of homophobic attitudes on Twitter towards gay marriage in particular. Let’s hope for the sake of military personnel under his command that his military career wasn’t marked by these attitudes or his penchant for making things up.

  8. Katherine says:

    Remembering of course that the ANZACs fought against the persecution of a religious minority and the persecution of homosexuals, I think that actually they were fighting on the other side from this Jim Wallace chap.

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