feeling silly

This morning I watched as Australian Christian Lobby spokesperson Jim Wallace looked the nation in the eye and stated that he’d only been using Twitter for a week. He used this near-virgin status to deceive viewers into believing that nasty mean lefty meanies were picking on a rank newbie. He was drawing a comparison between himself and an instance when ‘those people’ visited the same meanness on ‘national hero’ Stephanie Rice after she also said something silly on Twitter.

Trusting soul that I am, I assumed Wallace’s chronological assertions at least must be true and blogged what he’d said. More fool me.

Here is a screenshot of Wallace’s first post. You’ll notice the date is not one week ago as he claimed but February, 2010.

So, Jim, let me ask….Does this kind of lying fit in your innocent-as-doves-but-cunning-as-serpents basket? Or is it one of those less convenient porkies – the…um…all-liars-go-to-hell kind?

Frankly, Jim, you’re starting to annoy me.

Acknowledgement: Graphic reproduced with thanks from http://yfrog.com/h0uoylpkj. (But wasn’t it mean of him to post it?)


2 thoughts on “feeling silly

  1. Mark says:

    He really is the most vile person. A bigot and a liar – a poor excuse of a man.

  2. Wolf says:

    Thanks so much for noticing this… have updated my post as well


    well, that isn’t a good look is it 🙂

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