breaking up is hard to do

I would just like to announce that my love affair with Marketing is officially over. I know it was only days ago that I was proclaiming our love but I realise now it was mere infatuation.

He promised so much with his exciting glossy, hard-back cover! He seemed so deep, so knowledgeable. There were days when I could hardly wait to get the kids off to school so I could continue plumbing the depths of  his mysteries in the sanctum of my room. I came to know him so well; I really believed this was the beginning of something beautiful. But then, I woke up one morning and I knew – just knew – that I’d been fooling myself. That when you get down to it – he’s as dull as dog shit.

Oh, I’ll stick it out to the bitter end – we have an appointment with an invigilator in a few weeks’ time – but after that, it’s hasta la vista, baby. I’m going back to Cultural Studies. He knows how to treat a girl.


One thought on “breaking up is hard to do

  1. Culture is a he? Are you sure? I could have sworn anything that refined would be female! 😀

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