major changes

>Just wanted to note here that I’ve rewritten my study plan and changed my Major from Communications to History and Politics. I’m still going a bunch of Communications subjects as well as some Sociology. I’m happier about it. It feels much more like me. But I’m not going to feel embarrassed if I that’s not the last time I fiddle with my course.

I’ve enrolled in my next two units:

GEN11 – Gender, History and Culture
HST110 – The Making of Australia

If I follow this plan, I don’t need to do the Liberal Studies degree but will fit right into the Griffith BA program. The student advisor thinks that’s a better place to sit for post-study vocational kudos. I’m not sure it matters but I’m happy with that.

I’m excited!

I also want to note that there has been some interest in another blog I keep. The moderator of the internet’s largest blog on that subject has asked whether she can crosspost some of my writings and run them weekly as a series. I was reluctant at first as I don’t want to editorialise that blog to suit others but she’s assured me she’ll take the posts as is.

It’s a nice feeling that my writing is improving and that there are people apart from friends and family who are enjoying it.


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