What is it with the almost universal criticism of Justin Beiber? I admit I haven’t seen more than a wee snip of one of his music clips but he didn’t strike me as so evil as to be worthy of all this negative attention.

I think I must hear some smirking TV presenter or other make a snide comment about poor wee Justin daily.  It’s assumed to be an in-joke – a given – that any right thinking person will despise the lad. He’s the fall-back joke of the lazy humourist. Any time some funny fellow wants to refer to something we *don’t* like, just a mention of the universally shared distaste for all things Justin will get a guaranteed giggle.

What is that? Poppy slashing gone mad? He’s just a little guy who sings sappy pop songs that the pre-teen girlies like, isn’t he? Can’t we handle that? I really think the adults on the planet could stand to do a bit of growing up. Let the tweenies have their fun and don’t join in the cynicism game. They’ll learn soon enough that Justinfever is not cool and let him drop from their oh-so-much-more-mature fingers.

Maybe all Justin’s middle-aged detractors have horrible memories of losing the admiration of their girlfriends to the then-scrummy Davy Jones or David Cassidy. Maybe Leif Garrett ruined their teenaged love life.

I think I might be on to something. Such apparently groundless but widespread vitriol for a talented and successful child does smack of payback. Maybe Justin is paying the price for a million bruised and unreconciled male egos.

Anyway, God help poor Justin as he tries to sort out his self-esteem while navigating the torrid oceans of adolescence and young adulthood with a level of media scrutiny that would make most adults crack. Perhaps Bindi Irwin could share some tips for coping with a spiteful and envious world.


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