where to start…..?

>I am 45 and enjoying my first forays into the world of academia. After 20 years in a miserable marriage and  seven beautiful children, I’m finally taking some time to pursue my own interests. The kids and I are living in a nice little rented house while we wait for the long divorce settlement process to conclude. When it does, I hope we will be able to purchase a small house and get on with growing and having fabulous lives.

I’m studying for a BA in Liberal Studies through Griffith University/Open Universities Australia. I’m undertaking my 3rd and 4th units at present. So far, it’s been a hoot. Right now I’m studying CMM17 – An Introduction to Screen Analysis and CMM18 – News and Politics. The cinema subject is a nice, wanky Arts subject – heaps of fun and a little bit of learning. It’s the News and Politics subject that’s started me thinking – and prompted me to begin another blog.

In the course of pursuing this unit, I’ve been following news and political issues more closely than I have previously. I’ve often been confused by the world of politics and have struggled to find my place in any particular camp. With modules on News Reporting, Media Ownership and Australian Politics, I thought this unit would be a good way for me to get better acquainted with how things work in Australia.

I should disclose at this point that I am also a recent escapee from patriarchal Christian fundamentalism – a subject on which I blog elsewhere. I realise that a disclosure like that, should anyone ever take the trouble to read this blog, is likely to allow folk to feel justified in pigeon-holing me with the fundies – or Folk Dumb Enough to Give the Fundies the Time of Day”. So I’d like to say that, leaving Fundamentalism was brought about in part by an increasing discomfort with the views of the public voice of Christian fundamentalism – politically and socially.

So I began a journey, with a determination to leave no stone unturned, no cow unkicked. I’ve determined to approach my new life with an open mind. Years of intellectual stricture has left me with a strong commitment to decide for myself what I think, no matter how voluable or aggressive proponents of any particular view happen to be. I want to record here my journeys as I walk out into the world of ideas, do my own thinking, and little by little form my own opinions.

I am going to attempt to be honest and true to myself, to report the world of my mind frankly, knowing that what I write now will no doubt embarrass me in the not-too-distant future. I will attempt to ask my own questions unintimidated by the fact that those who’s views are more settled than mine seek to dissuade earnest questioning by shouting down opposing positions.

So…chin jutted out and thirsty for knowledge, I venture forward.


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